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The satellites look really cool, and make a really big noise for the size and thickness they are. The speakers are or were awesome and I have gotten many compliments on the sound. Volume control is great. Q) Will it amplify for a crowd of people in a room to hear (seminar)? this content

X (W) 3 in. José I definitely recommend Cyber Acoustics to ALL of my musician friends… I am a classical concert pianist. Don't wait for your current speakers to blow get a Cyber Acoustic System now! I paid about 35 bucks for these and would of paid much more for them.

Cyber Acoustics Computer Speakers

In the past, I have used several different sets of speakers with little satisfaction. Specifications Frequency: Headset: 20-20,000 Hz / Microphone: 100-16,000 Hz USB: Yes Headband: Over the head and adjustable Microphone: Unidirectional: 62dBV/Microbar and 42dBV/Pascal Drivers: 30 mm dynamic drivers Cable Length: 7 ft. Privacy Terms Cyber Acoustics, LLC, Copyright © 1996 — 2017, all rights reserved.

Allegedly, the cables are typically the issue, not the speaker. I would list that as trivial. I've been using it for about a year now and I still haven't found a comfortable adjustment. Cyber Acoustics Headset I think the headset could be made more flexible for comfort sake.

Matt 11/16/2010 CA-3602 I just did a bunch of reading on speakers today. Cyber Acoustics Speakers Not Working Angie Just got back from vacation and I had a box waiting for me....thank you!! Now on mine I had to break it in which was only like an hour I think. Mike Romano 3/6/2011 CA-3602 I have purchased four units already.

Jayson G 7/24/2014 Go ahead........Just buy this powered speaker set. Cyber Acoustics Usb Headset Great quality for the price and free shipping to top the whole deal off. Hands down, the best value for your money computer speakers. I cannot stress how good the bass is for this amount of money.

Cyber Acoustics Speakers Not Working

Its hard to understand how such a small and cheap speaker set can sound so good!!!! internet Sweet! Cyber Acoustics Computer Speakers The sound quality is obviously not concert-level, but still a damn site better than the built-in speakers. Cyber Acoustics Microphone The build quality seems decent enough for the price and I like the form factor so I keep these in my laptop bag all the time, just in case.

Besides that this product is comfortable and has great drivers. news The sound is so clean. Rob Loyal customer for life and *I* know customer service. I really appreciate your great customer service. Cyber Acoustics Replacement Parts

Timothy Stewart 1/1/2015 Amazing Sound Quality! The boom mic is flexible and sensitive enough for conference call recording. I contacted Cyber Acoustics to determine the options of having the speakers repaired or replaced. http://atlantecsoftware.com/cyber-acoustics/cyber-acoustics-ac-401-driver-download.html Just a heads up.

still rock! Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers Thank for making a great product at a reasonable price. The sound quality is amazing, and the subwoofer makes excellent quality music.

SPDworks 1/13/2011 AC-201 Got this particular headset for online business.

Steve 3/14/2011 CA-3602 Excellent Value!!! Victor S. This Case and the Student’s iPad it was protecting survived a flight off of a car roof while it was in motion at about 50mph. Cyber Acoustics Ac-840 Driver Franz, Utah 1/5/2012 CA-3602 Just got my new CA-3602 speakers today and I am beyond impressed.

I'm extremely happy with this product.

ABOUT SG Bumper Technology SHOP My Cart Shipping Info Login Create New Account OUR PRODUCTS Speakers Headsets/Headphones Mics Cases CUSTOMERS Retail OEM & The sound is so clean. At low volumes, the bass can still be felt and heard. check my blog Sound quality for listening is good for the $35 purchase price.

on a busy local highway. I have on more than one occasion “launched" my iPad across the room like a Frisbee with great amusement at the looks and comments I get, and then I say "Just J 11/29/2010 CA-3602 I saw these speakers on an ad for office depot for 24.99 on black friday and figured they weren't that good but I looked on youtube and they Good deal!

Chris 10/7/2010 CA-3602 bought them at staples their great sounding great bass the stock mid range sounds are kinda odd but i usually have a rock eq for extra bass its Its hard to understand how such a small and cheap speaker set can sound so good!!!! Product produces great sound and I'm certain that the issue I've suffered is merely a fluke as the rest of the system seems to be made from quality materials. These speakers Rock I highly say buy them you can't go wrong at all.

A passer by found the iPad and called its owner and was retuned later. No problems. I'm extremely happy with this product. ABOUT SG Bumper Technology SHOP My Cart Shipping Info Login Create New Account OUR PRODUCTS Speakers Headsets/Headphones Mics Cases CUSTOMERS Retail OEM & Contact us via email at [email protected], or call 360.823.4124 for warranty assistance.

Thank you SOO much for an awesome experience and I'll sincerely make sure to appreciate my speakers even more because of the service today! The only downside to my set is that the left speaker is starting to fade and echo. 4 months moderate use. I have previously told friends about it as it is a good little unit. If you need to buy any computer audio please keep them in mind as the sound quality of their products is fantastic and they are awesome if any problems arise.

I suggest that you get them straight from Cyber Acoustics if you want them. Really awesome, thanks again and take care! I want to thank you for the excellent response and service I received, really impressive. I have played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and voice through these things and they sound great.

dennis 5/13/2012 CA-3602 the best speakers i ever had Hunter 4/14/2012 CA-3602 I love them there the best i ever had,for a really low price!:D But the only thing i don't